Prices are set on exchange basis. Core units must be complete, rebuildable (includes re-usable planetary gear assembly) and free of housing damage. The core will be invoiced*, and a credit applied upon receipt of returned transmission. There is no up-front core charge as long as the unit has been handled by a member of the TRANSMISSION REBUILDERS ASSOCIATION.

Units are sold with matching new or remanufactured torque converters (new torque converters available at extra cost). SOME EXCEPTIONS APPLY. Please contact us for details.

Units sold out of Montreal will be shipped by common carrier - freight collect.

Core units are to be returned to Eurowa by common carrier - also freight collect.

All transmissions are shipped same-day upon receipt of payment.

(* CORE CHARGES: Mercedes pre-1996: $400.00; Mercedes electronic post 1996: $800.00; ZF 4-speed $600; ZF 5- and 6-speed - $800.00; Volkswagen 4-speed: $600.00; Volkswagen (ZF) - $800.00)

LIMITED WARRANTY ­ 12 Month/20,000 km

This Limited Warranty covers repairs and/or replacement of your remanufactured transmission and/or torque converter due to failure from material defects and/or workmanship for 12 months from the date of delivery or 20,000 km, whichever occurs first. The Limited Warranty does not apply to failure caused by customer abuse, accident or vehicle alterations, or reimbursement of consequential damages.


This Limited Warranty DOES NOT cover problems caused by:

If one of these differential parts is damaged because of abuse (jam or breakdown) and if the transmission is damaged as a result, the warranty on said transmission is null and void.

We will pay the labour for defective units under warranty, only if the said units are installed at a garage, which holds a membership with a TRANSMISSION REBUILDERS ASSOCIATION. In case of a defect, the warranty is calculated using a standard flat rate multiplied by the garage's floor rate minus 20%.